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Exercise Blog

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What a terrible thing to think about. Nobody likes exercise. Well, lots of people do not like exercise.

Exercise is such a broad topic and there are so many opinions about it. The only opinion that everyone seems to agree on is that exercise is a healthy thing to do. There we go again with those forbidden words… “healthy”.

Well, healthy is more than just exercise but exercise is a part of being healthy. Just like reading a good book is healthy because it improves you as you learn or causes you to think. Just like dancing is fun because it is a social activity with your friends that stimulates your mood as well as engages in exercise. Who would have ever thought that dancing is exercise but it is.

Please join us on our quest for health through exercise. There will be many topics so we will try to split this up into fun and small articles for your reading pleasure. Please return frequently to see more. Our articles are listed below. Just click on a link to read the article.



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