Juicing to improve your health

Juicing to improve your health

Juicing to improve your life

Juicing to improve your life

Juicing to improve your health may not be a new concept to many people but it is true. To get the greatest benefit from almost anything you eat, you need to eat it in a raw form or as close to raw as possible. Everyone says how fruits and vegetables are great for you and that is true providing it is taken in the correct perspective.

Cooked foods are not as good for you as raw foods. When you cook foods, many of the nurients are lost from the cooking process. I am telling you this because it is one of the primary reasons for juicing. You can think of it this way… all things created in nature were created to be good as far as foods go but cooking is not part of nature and thus, it diminishes the nutritional value of foods.

So now you know why juicing is so important and it is your choice try juicing or not. Juicing is truly one of the best ways to get all the benefits of natural unprocessed fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Most health authorities recommend that you get 6-8 servings of vegetables a day but nobody gets that much and even when they do get the correct amount, the nutritional value has all but been eliminated by cooking.

Just because you juice does not mean it has to taste bad, in fact; when you juice combining several items, it can be very tasty. To enhance the taste you can add fruit or spices but you need to be careful of the fruit if you are on a diet or have blood sugar. As far as the spices, Most spices have healing properties and could actually enhance the benefit of juicing.

What are the Benefits of Juicing?

There are four main benefits to juicing:
1. Juicing gives you a large amount of nutrients in a small amount of liquid. Since the food is being processed without cooking to where you get the raw juices, it provides the ability to get large doses of vitamins in a small glass of liquid.
2. Juicing allows your body helps you absorb all the nutrients easier and faster than in solid form. There is much to be said for solid food but for people with stomach problems, it makes it easier for your stomach to process the nutrients directly into your body with almost no waste.
3. Juicing allows you to eat a lot of vegetables easily and efficiently. A lot of diet books and even doctors say you should eat at least a pound of vegetables for every 50 pounds of weight so for a 200 pound person, you would have to eat 4 pounds of vegetables. That is not even realistic for most people plus most people like specific foods so they would get tired of eating the same thing all the time. Juicing lets you eat the quantity you need plus, you can eat other vegetables that you would normally eat by mixing it in the mixture. This allows you to have the added benefit of other not often used vegetables.
4. Adding a variety of vegetables, fruits, and spices into your diet. As poined out before, most people only eat a small variation of the vegetables that they should. You are supposed to rotate the vegetables you eat so that you get different vitamins but most people don’t because they do not like them. By juicing, you can add these varieties of not often eaten vegetables and mask the taste that you my not like with the taste of other things that you do like.

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